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Return to Office Mandates: Good or Bad?

I’ve worked from home since 2006 and have loved every minute of it! Do I miss the office comradery? Well, not really. I’m a Recruiter and am on the phone most of the day talking with clients and candidates. And when I want, or need to collaborate or connect with a co-worker, they’re just a phone call away. I feel I get all the comradery I need. 

A recent research study out of the University of Pittsburgh found that RTO mandates actually lower employee satisfaction while making no positive impact on employee performance. Employees see the RTO mandates as “power grabbing” opportunities from leadership. I’m glad that some companies understand the importance of options for its employees. Some love working in an office away from home, others prefer to WFH. It’s all about options that allow a company to attract, hire and retain the best!

I’ve been lucky to have employers over the years who understood that it wasn’t necessary for me to be in the office. It’s allowed me a much better work/life balance. Particularly, I was able to drive my children to and from school, and when they obtained their driver’s licenses, I was home to greet them (and honestly, make sure they made it home alive!). I pet my dog periodically throughout the day, and I’m sure I can find a study showing how that improves productivity 😊.

Covid changed things

If you are in the C-suite, there is absolutely something to be said for officing down the hall from the CEO.  For this reason, we have a few clients who firmly believe executives should be at corporate.  Period.  Having said that, Covid forced companies to do things differently.  Some have continued to embrace remote employees with open arms while others are fully supporting the RTO mandates.

I suppose if I had to say one thing I miss about commuting to an office, it’s listening to the radio way too loud as I wave cars in to merge on the highway. The short drive to the store a couple times a week doesn’t allow for a lot of ‘Rock-out’ time. 

How do you feel about it?