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Employer Services

Employer Services

MSA offers a wide variety of services to address your recruiting needs. The following list includes our most requested assignments. If you need a solution for an issue that you do not see listed, please contact your MSA representative. If we cannot fill your request ourselves, we will put you in touch with someone who can.

  • Executive Search (recruiting)
  • Out-Placement
  • Compensation Survey / Comparisons
  • Market Study (“City Scope”)
  • Specialty Recruiting
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Upon request, MSA will conduct a Compensation Survey for any managerial level position within the industry. Results are based on voluntary participation; fees are based on the number of companies responding. Companies of similar size and scope are targeted to provide you the most accurate information from your competitors and industry peers.

Want to know what the market is like in El Paso? The number of new housing starts in Cheyenne? The top lenders in Honolulu and their average loan amounts? Breakdown of production for the top 25 lenders in Dallas and what the Talent Pool looks like? City Scope provides a comprehensive “snapshot” on any market in the country. The report can be customized to fit your request for information as well as our standard profile, including population, median income levels, major employers, comprehensive data on the housing market, unemployment rates, fastest growth areas…even the average daily temperature for each season. Let us know if you’d like to see a sample report.

MSA conducts candidate-specific Specialty Recruiting within any U.S. market. Examples of Targeted Recruiting may include bi-lingual candidates, individuals experienced with a specific product line, or those employed with a specific competitor.

(1) Example: Know who you want to hire but can’t reach out to a particular candidate yourself? Maybe the Candidate is working for a former employer where you still have relationships in place…going after one of their people may be politically incorrect or just uncomfortable. We can approach the Candidate and determine whether they have any interest in talking to your firm. If so, we can arrange for all communication to go through MSA, taking you out of the loop until the time of the interview. If the Candidate does not have an interest, no one will know (including the candidate) that you specifically sought him or her out.

(2) Example: You want to hire a branch manager with specific expertise with ABA’s or in Private Mortgage Banking. No problem. Let your MSA representative know the specialized skills you are looking for.


MSA is a retained search firm. Please ask your MSA representative for a current Fee Schedule.

We look forward to working with you!

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