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The Importance of Marketing

A mortgage company’s marketing department should be valued as equally as any other department. I often hear that the operations department knows, and appreciates, that they wouldn’t have a job without the sales team bringing the business to them. I don’t hear this as often from the sales side. Its rare to hear sales say they know and appreciate that at least some of their business is fueled by the marketing department. 

The marketing department is so integral to any company that it should be considered a top priority. A company’s website is often its first impression. Its where people make an instant decision about whether or not they want to work with, or for, the company. That initial quick look at a website or a social media message must give a top-notch first impression. Especially to potential candidates, borrowers, and referral sources.  

Marketing has a direct impact on the company’s reputational and financial future. From a recruiting perspective, candidates will often pull up the company website during our first conversation about XYZ mortgage company. They look to see who their leadership team is and what products they offer. Additionally what systems they use, and what marketing tools do they offer to the sales team to help them grow their business. Within all of that, is the ease of use of the site, as well how well it expresses company’s culture. I’ve had candidates say they’re not interested in a company based on a poorly designed website. I’ve seen the opposite as well where a candidate becomes very interested based on the website content.

In the end, investment in your marketing department not only impacts customers, but also future rain makers.