A Fancy Word for Listening…

Why is feedback important?  Because it’s everywhere.  Every time we have a conversation with someone, no matter how we show it, we communicate feedback.  It’s another form of listening effectively.  Did we hear what this person said to us?  Did we value what they were saying?  Did we understand what they were trying to convey?  When we respond to someone, it’s essentially giving feedback.

Most everyone has been in a position where they have interviewed for a job and think they nailed it.  Then days go by and they hear nothing back from the company.  What happened?  Why didn’t they get the job or why did the organization not want to continue the conversation?  This is when feedback comes in.

As recruiters, we strive to give our candidates feedback, tell they did great in an interview, what they can improve on, or what the organization really liked about them.  Getting that feedback for the candidate is very important, but it is also very important for us as recruiters.  Feedback is a tool for continued learning.  It helps recruiters learn what the company is looking for on a specific level by telling us what they did or didn’t like about a candidate.  It also helps the candidates learn whether they are doing something that attracts or distracts an organization from continuing the conversation.

So, the next time you interview a candidate, whether it’s from a recruiter or not, provide feedback on the interview.  Not only is it basic professional courtesy, but it communicates the message that you appreciate the interest the individual has in your firm and keeps them engaged, in the event you want to continue the dialogue.

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