For Candidates

The following questions are those we are asked more often than any others…if you have a question or concern that you do not see addressed here; please contact your MSA Representative.

I haven’t been on the job market for years…I don’t have a current Resume, can you just go with my LinkedIn Profile?
A Resume is what “sells” you to a potential employer before you have the opportunity to meet with the company in an interview setting. Often times, it can make the difference between a company eliminating you for a particular position or catapult you to the top of the Candidate Food Chain. LinkedIn Profiles are great but they do not contain the depth and detail of a professional resume, including full contact information. We strongly recommend drafting a resume if you do not currently have one. For Executive level positions, it is not an option. You must have a professional resume to be taken seriously.

Should I work with several different Recruiters in order to optimize my exposure?
In general, we advise working with no more than two Recruiters at one time. If you are actively working with more than two, chances are that they will be duplicating efforts which can lead to problems. Stick to industry experts vs. employment agencies or “generalists” who work within several different fields. Also – and this is important – make sure that the Recruiter you are working with obtains your permission before sending your resume out, or at least has a thorough understanding of the types of companies you would like to target. The last thing you want is to have your resume ‘shopped’ all over the industry and showing up on all the job boards….this can send the wrong message.

There is something else you should know when working with more than one Recruiter. Do not ‘share’ information between recruiters….in other words, you should not volunteer to Recruiter A that Recruiter B has set you up with an interview with (XYZ Mortgage) for a (Regional Management) position. Competition within the recruiting industry is fierce; just as you expect your recruiter to hold your information confidential, you should extend the same courtesy to the search firms representing you. top

I have submitted my resume to MSA…when should I expect to see results?
First, it’s important to understand the job of an Executive Recruiter. We seek candidates to fill active engagements. We receive hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis so there is simply not enough hours in the day to individually market candidates who submit resumes. Does this mean we do not accept unsolicited resumes? Absolutely not! Our search load changes on a frequent basis so we want your resume on file in our active database so that we can immediately contact you when we engage in a search that matches your background and areas of expertise.

What are my obligations with regard to working with a Recruiter?
The number one factor in a successful relationship is communication. We cannot stress this enough. If your recruiter calls you about an opportunity, be responsive. Even if it is a position / company you may not have an interest in, a prompt return phone call will ensure that your recruiter will continue to work in your behalf and present opportunities to you as they arise. The biggest mistake you can make as a Candidate is to “go dark” on your recruiter when they are trying to help you. Not only is it unprofessional, but if you are tagged as unresponsive, chances are slim that you will be contacted for future opportunities.

I’ve received an Offer. Will MSA help me negotiate it?

Absolutely. If the company makes the offer to you directly, and you are either not comfortable with the terms, want to think about it or discuss it with your Recruiter, tell the employer you would like an opportunity to think about it overnight, and that you will get back to them within 24 hours. This is reasonable.
If there are certain aspects to the offer that need to be negotiated, we can often accomplish this more effectively than a candidate doing so on his own behalf.
For questions not addressed here, please contact your MSA representative or use our “Contact Us” form in the Candidate Section of our website.